Protect, promote & preserve

Established in 2018 by a group of likeminded individuals, BATWK are a not for profit, impartial organisation aiming to protect the quality of working kelpies here in the UK. We wish to promote the breed for the exceptional, versatile stock working dogs that they are and preserve the true stock working lines.

The Kelpie currently has a huge amount of natural talent, which with the right exposure will thrive in any working environment; we aim to ensure these natural abilities are not lost in future generations by encouraging responsibly selective breeding of dogs true to the heritage of the breed.  


Hosting demonstrations, training days and trials, we can showcase the breed and offer expert advice on fulfilling the potential of these truly talented dogs.  Added to this the social side of these gatherings, we want to bring the kelpie community together in the UK and work together to keep the strength and depth we currently have in our lines.

We offer a registration facility for livestock working dogs bred here (and imports if required), aiming to make the current process of registering dogs elsewhere more straightforward. All members may enter dogs on the database for record purposes, and for a small additional fee working dogs and puppies can be issued a BATWK pedigree certificate.

With a pedigree database of UK dogs available online; research into lines, health and workability becomes easier. A list of registered breeders will be maintained, along with details of their main breeding dogs and their work situations, allowing informed choices about sourcing the right dog for you and your requirements.

Promoting the health aspect and having a facility to record results of tests alongside pedigree details aims to keep the health and longevity of the breed at the forefront of decisions.