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Area Representatives

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Contact details for all reps are listed below. 

Area reps are also committee members of BATWK so can be contacted for committee matters.

Feel free to get in touch with them if you wish to see any demos of Kelpies working, or if you have any questions regarding the breed.

Our reps will be involved in helping promote the working Kelpie in Britain.  Hopefully, our reps will be attending shows/gatherings, representing BATWK.

James Beattie 

Contact: 07703 599942


Jacqueline Strathdee 

Contact: 07778 675949

About: Jacqueline farms beef cattle and sheep in North East Aberdeenshire with her son. Her kelpies work the hills on both the sheep and cattle. Jacqueline's motto is 'The kelpie is perfect as it is, don't dare change it!' She travelled around Australia in 2019 visiting sheep stations and kelpie studs and watched the kelpies work out there.

Lewis Ward

Contact: 07413 224019

About: Lewis farms beef cattle and sheep in the North Pennines. His three kelpies work the hills on both the sheep and cattle. Between the farms he manages, Lewis is responsible for 3000 breeding ewes, a herd of Longhorns and a herd of Stabilisers.

Iain Muirhead 

Contact: 07740 402389

About: Iain resides in Richmond, North Yorkshire and is a shepherd with an impressive team of five kelpies and two spaniels. His dogs work both sheep and cattle. He owns the infamous cream Kelpie, Kai, regularly found blending in with the yellow labs on shoots.

Mike Jones

Contact: 07789 818186

About: Mike is in North Wales, and farms sheep and cattle on a mix of terrain including mountain grazing. He has a team of kelpies to manage his stock. Mike is passionate about the versatility of kelpies, and maintaining the quality of working dogs being bred in the UK. 

Peter James

Contact: 07792 453183

About: Peter farms in South Wales and has had kelpies for many years.

Nina Griffiths

Contact: 07866 595913

About: Nina is a shepherdess from Warwickshire. Working with her two kelpies on several mixed farms, her dogs work with up to 2000 sheep and 200 cattle. A variety of field and yard work, her dogs must be true allrounders.

Steve Yalland

Contact: 07813 394291

About: Steve farms a mixed farm in Wiltshire,

Gwyn Morris

Contact: 07786 918308


Emma Moulds 

Contact: 07593636361 or

About: Emma farms a small flock of sheep, alongside her partner Paul in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. They got involved with BATWK in 2021 when they travelled across to a Clinic in the North Pennines with their Kelpie X Collie pup. Since having found this friendly & passionate group of people they purchased a working Kelpie pup the following year. They train their dogs themselves and are more than happy to help any people in Northern Ireland or Ireland with any enquiries about the Kelpie breed, and how they can work on your farm.

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