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The BATWK database now has over 4000 dogs recorded. It allows traits such as breeding history, physical characteristics, working style, photos of dogs/bitches, breeding history of bitches/stud dogs, and health testing (amongst more) to be recorded.


If you are a kelpie owner/trainer it can provide invaluable information into your dogs pedigree, and if you're a breeder it can prove very useful for recording information about your dogs, producing pedigree certificates and analysing trial matings.

You can access the database at:

We are encouraging all kelpie owners (working or not) in the UK to do so. Your dog does not have to have been registered with any other societies or councils in order for it to be registered with BATWK. 

If you need any assistance to create a login, please don't hesitate to email or ask on the BATWK Facebook group for help. 

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