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Logan Delta Delrin Kelpie Whistle NON METALLIC

Logan Delta Delrin Kelpie Whistle NON METALLIC

This dog training whistle is precision made in exactly the same way as our metal whistles but using Delrin, a new modern polymer developed for food contact applications. Delrin is now the material of choice for precision instruments where strength & performance are critical and because it is completely sterile and stable at extreme temperatures. It is especially valued for it's rigidity and toughness and the fact that is is a very dense material so capable of taking a sharp edge. For that reason it is now used to manufacture flutes and other musical instruments - and so is an ideal material to use to create a precision non-metallic Logan whistle.  You'll find no distortion in your whistle sounds.


Customers also like the tactile, silky texture and the fact that it is comfortable to use even when it’s very cold, or hot – or if you just don't want a metal whistle. This non-metallic Delrin material and the Logan Delta shape create whistle sounds that some describe as more 'bird-like' - which can be better for a highly responsive dog. But this whistle can also produce sharp, loud tones when required. This a very lightweight whistle weighing only 5 grams. 


A Logan Whistle pouch is included with this whistle. You can also choose a lanyard here.




The Logan Delta is made of a kind of very hard polymer which enables easy grip with the teeth, while being light and comfy in the mouth.  This is a very good all round whistle that will suit many people." Julie Hill, Scottish Brace Champion 2017 

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