Devonairs(UK) Pyro.jpg

Devonairs Pyro

Contact: Nina Griffiths

Mobile: 07866 595913

Description: Strong black and tan dog, who works sheep and cattle. Will bark on command, and will work a single ewe and lamb with care or muster a large mob. Big casting, independent thinking.

Black and tan

Location: Warwickshire

Health tests: Clear for CA for both early and late onset strains. Hip Xrayed.

Lyndhurst(UK) Kai.jpg

Lyndhurst Kai

Contact: Iain Muirhead. 

Mobile: 07740 402389. 

Description: Kai is calm and steady. Good cast, works pens, backs and barks on command.


Location: North Yorkshire

Health tests: Clear for CA for both early and late onset strains. Hip scored.


Dragonheart Rocky II

Contact: Jacqueline Strathdee

Mobile: 07786 75949

Description: Works hill and field, big able dog with excellent nature. Sired very good workers to date.


Black and tan.

Location: Aberdeenshire

Health tests: CA test results pending.



Larenapark (Aus) Rock

Contact: Paul Marks

Mobile: 07825 500054

Description: Big strong dog, works a commercial flock of lowland sheep and Aberdeen Angus cattle. Will catch and back. Has a good outrun, will hold his ground in the back of the pen, proven sire.

Black and tan

Location: Somerset

Health tests: CA tested clear, good Hip Score (scored aged 5)

f bred cai 2.jpg

F/Bred Cai

Contact: Dylan Wyn Jones

Mobile: 07776 114025

Description: Very stylish dog. Will work in paddock and pens. Works mountains and low land.  Barks on command. Very good cast. Will work 1 sheep to 500 sheep.


Red and tan.

Location: North Wales

Health tests: None


F/Bred Sam

Contact: Dean Mentern

Mobile: 07891301091

Description: Lovely natured cream dog, plenty of style and will gather but mainly used in the pens. He will face any sheep, barks on command, good clean nose bite. Works alone or in a team, works a ewe and lamb or a large mob. 

Location - Shropshire

Health - Clear for both CA, proven sire

IMG_4882 (1).jpeg

Lyndhurst Bruce

Contact: Richard Williams

Mobile: 07976 576926

Description: Strong all-round dog.


Black and tan.

Location: Warwickshire/Leicestershire

Health tests: None


Lyndhurst Bruce V

Contact: Darren Drewery

Mobile: 07565625390

Description: Nice calm dog working with both sheep and cattle. Prefers paddock work but works pens well too. He has a fantastic large cast and will run the full field. Doesn't back sheep but jumps hurdles on command.

Location: Worcester

Health tests: None


Peppercorn (Aus) Roy

Contact: Tom Ryder

Mobile: 07583163671

Description: imported dog. Proven stud.

Black and tan

Location: Powys

Health tests: None.


F/Bred Ash

Contact: Louise Pittendrigh

Mobile: 07500 864172

Description: Calm alround worker.


Black and tan.

Location: Melrose, Scottish borders

Health tests: TBC

IMG-20201226-WA0000 (1).jpg

F/Bred Baroona Delta

Contact: Nick Johns

Mobile: 07816127983

Description: Strong working dog. Works sheep and cattle, bark on command, works the hill and fields, fast learner and incredibly loyal. Wonderful temperament and true to the Kelpie profile

Black and tan.

Location: Devon

Health tests: None

All available stud dogs are registered below. If you require any more information please get in touch with the owner. Stud dogs are listed in no particular order.