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By joining BATWK as a member on any of the below links, I agree to the following:

  • I wish to apply to become a member of BATWK and have read and agree to all terms set out on the BATWK constitution, which can be found here

  • If applying for a Breeders Membership, I have read and agree to all advice and recommendations set out on the Breeders Charter, which can be found here

Become a member of BATWK

  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    • Invite to AGM to help shape BATWK policies
    • Access to comprehensive bloodlines database
    • Register all dogs for free on BATWK database
    • 20% off BATWK training clinics
    • Hospitality at events (NSA, Beef Expo & local shows)
    • Subscription to Australian Working Stock Dog magazine
  • Membership & Breeder

    Every year
    • All of the benefits associated with membership
    • Listed as a breeder on BATWK website, facebook & newsletter
    • Advertise your pups with us for free on Facebook & online
    • Pup registry with A4 pedigree certificate
  • Upgrade to Breeder

    Every year
    • Upgrade to breeder, if you have already paid £30 membership
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