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By joining BATWK as a member on any of the below links, I agree to the following:

  • I wish to apply to become a member of BATWK and have read and agree to all terms set out on the BATWK constitution, which can be found here

  • If applying for a Breeders Membership, I have read and agree to all advice and recommendations set out on the Breeders Charter, which can be found here


1 Sign Up

To purchase this plan and use its benefits in the future, log in to your account or sign up.

2 Payment

Order summary

Membership & Breeder£40.00
Duration: Until canceled

every year
You will be charged yearly until canceled.
Secure Checkout

Cancellation of membership will only refund 50% of the membership cost if there are 6 months or more left of the membership year.

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